About us
Seves glassblock is a business unit of The Seves Group, the world's leading manufacturer of glass and composite insulatorsfor power transmission and distribution systems, and of glass blocks for architectural and interior design applications. Seves glassblock owns 36% of the world's glass block production and distribution market. With nine different colours, a neutral line, and 200 different glass designs, Seves glassblock has a 40% share (in terms of value) of the world glass block market. The collective traditions and in-depth expertise of the most prestigious brands in the international glass block segment: Vetroarredo, Vitrablok, Vidromatone, and Sindoco, have been united together under Seves glassblock. Today, Seves glassblock provides high-quality products, with superior technological contents and strict structural standards, while respecting both the environment and consumer.
Seves Group the world's leading manufacturer of high voltage electrical insulators and glass blocks for architectural and interior design applications was recently acquired by Funds advised by Triton Partners.
Founded in 1997, Triton seeks to contribute to the building of better businesses for the longer term. Triton and its executives wish to be agents of positive change towards sustainable operational improvements and growth. The 30 companies currently in Triton’s portfolio have combined sales of approximately 13 billion Euro and over 55,000 employees.
The Triton funds are advised by dedicated teams of investment professionals based in Germany, Sweden, United Kingdom, Luxembourg and Jersey. For further information:
Reasons of a success
Seves glassblock's sucess is defined by one clear objective: to maximize the potential of glass blocks by transforming them from a marginal, traditional construction element into an artistic expression of light and space. From the start, Seves glassblock aimed to change traditional production rules and ideas regarding glass blocks, which were previously considered "poor" building materials used only in cases of lack of light. Seves introduced to the humble glass block highly advanced experience and technology thus enhancing its pureness, brilliance, transparency, and resistence, the single most beneficial components of the product. Then, it went one step further by adding an exclusive characteristic, once reserved only for the most sophisticated glasses: colour. An improved process of production rationalization modified and enlarged the entire product line with models and complementary modules to make customized solutions. Finally, the incorporation of new research and development activities made way for new wall installation methods, new special mortars for laying and finishing, and the progressive reduction of the "gap" between glass blocks to just 2 mm.
The glass block with a superior aesthetic profile
Thanks to the use of highly-selected raw materials, the introduction of cutting-edge machinery, ancient and experienced techniques of colouring, and the strict monitoring of systematic controls, Seves glassblock transformed the old "glass block" into a modern block of glass. Giving birth to a new and refined architectural furnishing element for interior and exterior ambients in the home or city, which can be "customized" by request according to any project design. Today, the glass block is considered a high-end product and an autonomous subject, rather than just providing a service, the glass block is capable of unique forms and aesthetic realizations that inspire creativity in all architects and interior designers.