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The innovators at Seves glassblock have added another dimension to the glass block with the 3D Collection, specifically created to provide the world of contemporary architecture with new design possibilities, styles and effects, with which to innovate and inspire.

The 3D Collection features two glass blocks, each with a distinct glass design engraved onto the external surface. Now it’s possible to explore the dimensions of your creativity through space, style and light with the unique and tactile texture of glass blocks.

Choose the block you want and click on the details to see the colours and finishes.

Vetro Mattone DORIC Neutro Q19 Doric Metallizzato
19x19x8 cm Doric Q19
Vetro Mattone DORIC Neutro Q30 Doric Metallizzato
30x30x8/10 cm Doric Q30
Mattone di vetro Pegasus 3 D Diamante
30x30x10 cm Diamante