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Lighter and more beautiful full glass walls. The combination of two of Seves’ exclusive technologies has meant that Pegasus Metallised is the glass block to use to create walls that are extraordinarily light and aesthetically refined.

Ideal for striking interiors and exteriors, the metallised range is available in smooth and wavy glass designs and in a rich variety of colours that, thanks to metallisation, acquire special brightness and luminosity.

Choose the block you want and click on the details to see the colours and finishes.

Mattone di vetro Pegasus Metalizzato Q19
19x19x8 cm Q19
Vetromattone Pegasus Metalizzato Terminale Lineare
19x19x8 cm Linear Terminal
Mattone di vetro Pegasus Metalizzato R09
19x9,4x8 cm R09
Vetromattone Pegasus Metalizzato Terminale Curvo
19x19x8 cm Curved Terminal
Mattone di vetro Pegasus Metalizzato Angolare
19x15,2x8 cm Angular