Seves glassblock accepts all those challenges that seem “impossible” and transforms them into actual, innovative projects.
In collaboration with some of the most famous architects in the world, including Renzo Piano and Rafael Moneo, Seves has created original and unique tailor made glass blocks, to clad some of the most important structures of contemporary architecture.
Tailor Made glass blocks – thanks to an extremely flexible and unique production process - helps designers´ and architects´ creativity and needs.

Discover the most prestigious projects made with Tailor Made glass blocks!
Renzo Piano Building Workshop, Tokyo – Japan
"The greatest contribution to glass block architecture made in the world to date"Inaugurated in  2001, the  Maison Hermès, designed by  Renzo Piano, stands tall in the center of  the Ginza District of Toyko  with a building surface of 6,000 square meters distributed through 15 floors. The 13,000 self-supporting glass blocks that make up the Maison Hermès  reflect the sun light during the day and illuminate the internal light at night . Nicknamed for its brilliance and luminous effects, the Maison Hermès has been called a " magic latern " of glass blocks.
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Moneo – Brock Studio, Panticosa (Huesca) – Spain
The glass block created for Balneario de Panticosa located in the Spanish Pyrenees. The harmonious union between nature and product "to size": Belen Moneo and Seves (2005-2007). The magic continues in 2005, when Seves was asked by architects Belen Moneoand Jeff Brock  to create a specialized glass block in harmony with the natural and pure landscape of the nearby mountains.
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Rafael Moneo, Bilbao – Spain
Between tradition and avant-garde. The "Doric" glass block personalises the University of Deusto Library in Bilbao, projected by R. Moneo. The link between the past and the future. This was the main characteristic for the library of the Jesuits University of Deusto, located in Bilbao, Spain. A project in which Seves, the world leader in glass block production, takes part alongside architect Rafael Moneo, one of major names in architecture.
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Schulze und Pampus, Brema – Germany
The new Beck’s logistics centre designed in Brema by the Schulze Architectural Studio of Schulze und Pampus BDA is among the most recent creations that have affirmed the glass block as a distinctive element. For this project, Seves glassblock has perfected a special glass block and transformed the Alpha model glass block of the Basic Line to meet the custom design requests of Beck’s.
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Santo Volto of Gesù church
Parish complex
Sartogo Architetti Associati, Roma – Italy
Play with the light effects generated by the surface details of the glass blocks that make up the new parish complex of Santo Volto of Gesù, in the Magliana district of Rome. A building capable of melting the strong aesthetic aspect characteristic of contemporary architecture, with a mysterious and intimate atmosphere through the use of glass blocks and an expressive use of colour.
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Puccini Theatre
Arch. Ferrini e & Arch. Davighi, Firenze – Italia
Florence’s nightlife unfolds under the silent watch of the historic Puccini Theatre tower, now returned to its original blue-green brilliance, as it was in November of 1940 when the entire complex, owned by Manifattura Tabacchi, was established. The conservative restoration was initiated by the Municipal of Florence and made possible by Seves, which faithfully reproduced the original glass block and original glass design. Now, the new tower has resumed its blue-green internal glow, a colourful effect typical of glass blocks manufactured in the early 1900’s.
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S-Bahn Station Expo 2000
Hannover Hainholz
Hansjörg Göritz, Hannover – Germany
The new Hannover railway station designed by Hansjörg Göritz is an extraordinary example of elegance and functionality united in one architectural project. Created and presented at the Expo 2000 as part of a series of railway stations for the new Expo-line, which connects the airport to the exposition headquarters, the Hannover station is animated by “blue cobalt” glass blocks designed to match the exact colour of the German state railway logo.
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Buddha Lecture Room
Daniel Tai, Taichung – Taiwan
A glass block Tailor Made capable of softening direct sunlight while reflecting a magical myriad of small Buddhas in prayer. For the new "Buddha Lecture Room", a religious library in Taichung, Taiwan, designed by architect Daniel Tai and currently under construction, Seves supplied 9,700 glass blocks of which 1,800 were customized with an ad hoc design requested by the architect. The image chosen was of the Buddha in a meditative position.
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