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About us

Seves Glassblock is the world‘s leading manufacturer of glass block for interior design and architectural applications.

reason of
a success.

The success of Seves Glassblock is the result of a clear objective: to transform glass blocks from simple building materials into architectural and artistic elements, liberating their potential and providing architects, designers and interior designers with a new element to use in the creation of high-level, formal aesthetic creations.

Seves Glassblock combines the tradition and extensive experience of Vetroarredo, Vitrablok and Solaris: industrial groups that embody the history of glass blocks and are respectively synonymous with high quality design, decorative glass art and cutting-edge, high-performance technology solutions.

All this comes together in the Vitrablok s.r.o. plant in Bohemia, a historic region of the Czech Republic where glass manufacturing has very ancient origins.

Thanks to this incredible know-how, the careful selection of raw materials, the use of the latest generation machinery and full-process production monitoring system from design to packaging, Seves Glassblock has been able to transform the old glass-brick into today’s glass block, inspired by the principles of creativity, style, functionality and innovation.

As the first company to introduce colour into glass blocks and manufacture the largest format ever produced, Seves Glassblock has always placed particular importance on research, offering a range of original and cutting-edge solutions.

The wide range of products is now designed to offer innovative solutions for interior design, architecture and building, with “smart” proposals that enhance the purity, brilliance and transparency of the glass blocks.

In particular, the “Smart Home” solutions of the Design Line which can be used to create full-glass walls thanks to the exclusive “invisible” joints – have been formed over time thanks to the contributions of important figures in architecture and contemporary design.

The Technology Line, heir to the Solaris tradition, offers “Smart Architecture” solutions that meet the various design requirements with specific technical requirements: light control, fire and breakage resistance, thermal and acoustic insulation, as well as horizontal wall solutions.

The Seves Glassblock product process, which is the only one of its type in the world, allows the company to produce fully customised glass blocks thanks to its Tailor-Made service.

The Tiberio’s Baths in Panticosa, the University Library of Deusto, the Maison Hermès in Tokyo: Seves Glassblock has been the main driving force behind the great contemporary evolution in the use of glass blocks in architecture.

These architectural gems designed by three of the world’s leading architects (Rafael Moneo, Belen Moneo, Renzo Piano) represent concrete evidence of the company’s commitment to research, experimentation and production quality.

Seves Glassblock, in line with its origins and know-how, continues to promote the considerable potential of glass blocks, with the aim of anticipating market trends, optimizing product performance, reducing maintenance times and costs and offering ever more “green” solutions.

Today’s enriched glass block offers architects and interior designers extraordinary, expressive new tools that enable them to respond to increasingly pressing requests for beautiful, functional and sustainable solutions.


Seves Glassblock is at the forefront in sustaining a working philosophy that places paramount importance on the environment. A virtuous process for the achievement of ambitious objectives:

  • minimise plant emissions,
  • protect the new generations,
  • play a leading role in a great leap forwards that is synonymous with sustainable innovation.

For this reason, the productive heart of the company is a melting furnace that boasts over 100 years of history and tradition and is able to respond to the high parameters of environmental safety, eco-sustainability and energy saving that Seves Glassblock has decided to adopt in its path towards a future of innovation.

All this guarantees high quality standards and ensures the fullest respect for the environment while creating a product that offers solutions to a whole range of requirements.

The glass blocks produced by Seves Glassblock represent the perfect synergy between design and technology, engineering research, experimentation and style, while their quality is guaranteed by high level checks and certifications.

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