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Taking the leap into a future of innovation

Seves Glassblock’s glass block – a result of research, experimentation and style in the field of engineering – relies on an innovative and highly technological industrial setup that keeps pace with the increasingly competitive demands of the market. But that isn’t all.

Seves Glassblock’s melting furnace meets the high environmental safety standards of businesses that base their approach not just on cold economic data, but on an essential, values-based working philosophy centered on eco-sustainability and energy saving.

The cornerstones of Seves Glassblock production plan are therefore aligned with these ethical companies’ missions:

  • reducing pollutant emissions to a minimum;
  • taking a leap into a future focused on sustainable innovation;
  • creating a one-of-a-kind architectural component.

This ensures that high quality standards are met and guarantees respect for the environment: thanks to the technologically advanced productive force, Seves Glassblock’s glass blocks are a quintessentially modern manifestation of architecture.



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