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Transparent, light, beautiful, and sustainable, today glass block is also intelligent, and the premier material for discerning minds in contemporary design and architecture.

It’s a solid, consistent material with the unexpected ability to age well – or, rather, to not age at all. The sustainable material par excellence, it is both 100% recyclable and infinitely recyclable, a quality unmatched by any other material.

Seves Glassblock is introducing a new generation of ‘intelligent’ glass, capable of dynamic response to environmental changes, guaranteeing maximum comfort inside venue premises and reducing energy consumption.

The evolution of technical and structural solutions has made it possible to use glass in façades without any external visibility of structural steel elements.

This has paved the way for architects to bring to life their most ambitious design dreams: light, suspended, transcendent and apparently weightless architecture, transforming into volumes of pure light when darkness falls.

Lightness, exactitude, consistency, multiplicity are some of the values, qualities and details that have emerged as mega-trends in these first decades of the new millennium.
Seves Glassblock’s glass material embodies them all.



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