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Pirelli Zentrale

Project by Gregotti & International Associates.


Project by Arch. Ferrini of the Department of the Cultural Heritage of fForence, & Arch. Davighi for Seves

Messe Mailand

Project by 5+1AA Team, Alfonso Femia & Gianluca Peluffo.

Udine International School

A project by Gianni Lerussi.

Universidad Ricardo Palma

Colorful designs at Ricardo Palma University

Residential Building

Contemporary building design

Boyeda Invertida de Aspe

Project by Mariano Cuevas.

Buddha Lecture Room

When spirituality meets design

Lignano Sabbiadoro

Project by Studio di progettazione Elio Coz (Udine).

Josè Alvalade Stadium

Project by Tomas Taveira.

Santo Volto di Gesù

Project by Sartogo Architects & Associates.

Universität Zlín

Project by Ing. Arch. Eva Jiřičná.

A New Space in Every Environment

Pure and solid glass block for design solutions.

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