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Where function and beauty live in harmony

The house: a mirror of our own personality, where function and beauty live in harmony. Discover how to fully express your creativity by using light, space, transparency and colour as you prefer.


The Kitchen

The most important room in the house, where the family gathers, where we eat, play and sometimes work.

A kitchen design must take into consideration its role, in order to better optimize spaces and make it pleasant to live in.

Glass blocks can be used to create partitions and emphasise spaces, can be used as colourful and decorative elements. Your kitchen can become a delightful place where to cook and spend your time with friends.

PHOTO: Kitchen with Doric Q19 Glass block

PHOTO: Kitchen with Vetropieno

PHOTO: Kitchen with Pegasus Q19


The Living Room

The living room is the most lived-in room, where we relax and entertain our guests. It is of great importance for the comfort and well-being of occupants to make this room comfortable, cosy and well illuminated.

You can add sparkle to your living room by using the bright or the pastel colours of glass blocks.

PHOTO: Kitchen with Ginza Collection

PHOTO: Living Room with Pegasus Metallised

PHOTO: Living Room with Mendini Collection



The room in which we spend more time for ourselves, where we indulge in moments of relaxation and well-being, and this is why it must be designed in a practical and comfortable way.

A shower box, a table top for the sink or a detail in glass can be the perfect solution to “enlarge” narrow spaces by adding colour and brightness. All products by Seves Glassblock are water resistant and, easy to clean. Moreover, you can choose among various colours, glass design and finishings to protect your privacy.

PHOTO: Bathroom with Pegasus Metallised

PHOTO: Bathroom with Pegasus Wave

PHOTO: Bathroom with Arctic


Entrance Hall

The starting point of every home, our signature, the place where we welcome our guests before receiving them in any other room.

It is very important not to underestimate this space: a dark entrance hall can make your home look unwelcoming and gloomy. On the contrary, natural light and the right transparency will brighten up the space and give a sense of warm welcome right from the entrance door.

PHOTO: Entrance Hall with Pegasus Metallised

PHOTO: Entrance Hall with Vistabrik

PHOTO: Entrance Hall with Clear smooth



Let light in this transit area, in harmony with
the environments it connects.

Glass blocks for example, thanks to their structure, can be placed potentially in all the type of stairwells adding a touch of colour and brightness to spaces. In terms of safety and energy savings, the Technology line offers a range of glass blocks with high technical performances related to energy savings, safety and sound insulation.
Lastly, for simpler interiors, glass tiles are suitable for decorative use along the wall, thus giving a pleasant, clean and airy atmosphere.

PHOTO: Stairwell with Pegasus Transparent

PHOTO: Stairwell with Pegasus

PHOTO: Stairwell with Pegasus

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