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Glass blocks on BIM

Seves Glassblock is now presented in the World’s Leading BIM Content Platform with large part of the product range. The target is to expand its market reach and promote the brand to the AECO industry. For this purpose, Seves Glassblock has designed a new digital content strategy and created specific tools to develop new solutions.

BIMobject® links the complex technology around CAD and BIM with architects and the building product manufacturing industry. BIM is used globally – in small, large and really big construction projects. Architects and Engineers use BIM to save time and to more efficiently plan, design, and construct digital designs. Seek geometrically-correct, and true-to-life objects, possessing parametric capabilities and metadata. Construction companies work with large projects with many stakeholders. Need a secure and encrypted cloud-based environment, allowing many users to share the same BIM content. BIM is now becoming mandatory in many regions of the world.

Seves Glassblock will continue to expand its presence in this platform to be able to help professionals to reach its information in a precise way.