Traditional Installation
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Traditional Installation

Traditional installation is carried out using cement binders such as Vetromalta.
Alternatively, traditional mortar mixed with Portland cement or similar (class 3.25) can be used. Plastic spacers, stainless steel rods and joint tape are also used.

The use of stainless steel rods, vertically and horizontally slotted inside each joint, means that the walls enjoy greater stability and mechanical resistance.

To install glass blocks more quickly and easily, Seves Glassblock has a range of plastic spacers on offer to create evenly spaced joints and to reduce the risk of rods and sides of glass blocks coming into contact.

To absorb any movement caused by adjustment of the wall, the Seves Glassblock joint tape needs to be placed on the side and above the wall. The fact that it is a single-sided tape means that it can be better positioned on the areas that need to adhere.

Inserting joint tape at the base of the wall is also advisable to avoid cohesion with the building.

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