Add warmth to modern interiors with MyMiniGlass Romantic Type. A modern design looks great in the showroom but often lacks the feeling of a real home.

Decorate your child’s room in a way that is both age appropriate and timeless enough to grow into. Romantic in Violet and Ruby make a colorful statement in this bedroom fit for a princess.

MyMiniGlass is the perfect solution for open floor plans. Easily construct an island, bar or dividing wall to separate or define your space. Stylish as well as practical, MyMiniGlass brings color, texture and timeless elegance to your rooms.

For an original backsplash that is easy to maintain, MyMiniGlass Romantic Type offers an attractive solution. Customize your look with an assortment of colors and textures, or mix and match to truly make your kitchen unique.

Add a touch of originality to your sitting room. The shapes, patterns and spectacular color of MyMiniGlass Romantic Type complement any style and double as a conversation piece.

MyMiniGlass is a great way to define your space and introduce, or accentuate, secondary colors. Use it throughout your home to add interest, privacy, and light.

Whether you want light, dimension or decorative accents, MyMiniGlass lets you have it all at once. Add light and privacy to your bathroom. Create the illusion of a window or add color and interest to your existing windows. Capture the light from adjacent rooms to brighten

MyMiniGlass Vegan Type lets you experiment with color and make the daring choices of a professional designer with the added bonus of being able to change your mind at any time.

The vibrant colors of MyMiniGlass are an easy, colorful solution for accessorizing white walls and cold floors with a touch of originality.

MyMiniGlass is easy to install, and its colors and textures are stunning enough to stand on their own, saving you money on furniture, art and accessories!

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