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Updated September 2018
This describes how the website is managed in terms of processing of Personal Data of users consulting it.
NOTE: If the user is a minor (under 18), a parent or guardian must read the conditions listed here and approve them before starting to use the Website and its services.
The information notice, pursuant to articles 13 and 14 of GDPR, refers to this website only and not to any other website which the user may consult by following links.


The Data Controller is Vitrablok S.r.o. which may be contacted at the addresses shown on this information notice, where one may ask for information about the People in Charge of Processing appointed by the Controller and the Co-Controllers.
Co-Controllers of the processing are associated (holding and subsidiary) companies and partners who share in managing the services delivered through the website and in satisfying requests by the data subjects, as well as in providing information and delivering commercial communications.