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Progresus acquired Seves Glassblock

Prague, Duchcov, 1st of July 2024


With the acquisition of Vitrablok, Progresus acquired the Seves Glass Block brand, the world’s largest & famous glass block manufacturer.


The investment group Progresus adds another traditional Czech enterprise to its portfolio: Vitrablok, a glass block manufacturer with a 112-year history. Progresus’ bid in the international tender for the purchase of the world-famous Seves Glass Block brand thus became part of the Progresus Group.

“I am glad that it is the Progresus Group, which is interested in investing in the company, that has finally bought our company from among the potential bidders. We have already agreed on the first crucial step, which will be the long-awaited investment in the glass furnace,” says Petr Králík, CEO of the company.

“We definitely want to continue the business development activities of the company. We plan to keep improving our focus on R&D and strengthen the company’s position in the global market. Seves Glass Block has done amazing things, such as a skyscraper in Tokyo for Hermés and work for the world’s top architects. Of course, we want to continue this and defend and maintain our position as a world leader,” says Lukáš Zrůst when commenting on future plans. However, the company will undergo one change already now: it is currently transferring from VITRABLOK, s.r.o. to a new company Seves Glass Block s.r.o., thus unifying its name with the strong and world-famous international brand Seves Glass Block, under which the group operates in the global market.


About Seves Glass Block

The history of glass production in the North Bohemian town of Duchcov dates back to 1912. Today the company is the world’s leading manufacturer of glass blocks with a wide range of applications from standard blocks, through design blocks used by architects to technological blocks with highly functional properties (photovoltaic, thermal insulation, fireproof, bulletproof and safety blocks). A strong brand, focus on R&D, production of technologically complex products and collaboration with architects and end users is the basis for a presence in more than 100 countries on 6 continents. Thanks to its stable customer base, the company has achieved a turnover of up to CZK 1.4 billion in recent years. Most of the sales revenues are generated by the markets in Europe and North America. The company employs more than 200 people in the Czech Republic and Italy and has a production capacity of 29 million glass bricks per year in various sizes and shapes. Among the most interesting projects in the world are the Hermés building in Tokyo by Renzo Piano, the Deusto library building in Bilbao by Rafael Moneo, the Palacio Thermal spa building in Panticosa, Spain by Moneo Brock or the showrooms of fashion brands Bottega Veneta and Stella McCartney. In the Czech Republic, the most interesting applications by architect Eva Jiřičná can be found in Zlín, where glass blocks can be admired by visitors of the Convention Center or the Vice-Chancellor’s Office and Library of Tomáš Baťa University.

About Progresus Group

Progresus is an investment group operating mainly in the field of industrial and residential property development. Its portfolio includes industrial buildings and thoroughly planned residential districts, all with regard to economic and environmental sustainability. It is also dedicated to the development of its own timber construction plant with a 50-year history, RD Rýmařov, which is a leading European supplier of timber buildings and has cumulatively achieved sales of over CZK 33 billion throughout its existence. Within its technology hub, Mykilio, it develops new materials with the potential to reduce the carbon footprint of the construction industry.