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Colour without clutter

Add warmth to modern interiors with MyMiniGlass Romantic Type. A modern design looks great in the showroom but often lacks the feeling of a real home.

Pretty as a princess

Decorate your child’s room in a way that is both age appropriate and timeless enough to grow into.
Romantic in Violet and Ruby make a colorful statement in this bedroom fit for a princess.

Glam up your space

MyMiniGlass is the perfect solution for open floor plans.
Easily construct an island, bar or dividing wall to separate or define your space. Stylish as well as practical, MyMiniGlass brings color, texture and timeless elegance to your rooms.

Get creative in the kitchen

For an original backsplash that is easy to maintain, MyMiniGlass Romantic Type offers an attractive solution.
Customize your look with an assortment of colors and textures, or mix and match to truly make your kitchen unique.

Start a conversation

Add a touch of originality to your sitting room.
The shapes, patterns and spectacular color of MyMiniGlass Romantic Type complement any style and double as a conversation piece.

Define your life

MyMiniGlass is a great way to define your space and introduce, or accentuate, secondary colors. Use it throughout your home to add interest, privacy, and light.

Space to live in

Whether you want light, dimension or decorative accents, MyMiniGlass lets you have it all at once.
Add light and privacy to your bathroom. Create the illusion of a window or add color and interest to your existing windows. Capture the light from adjacent rooms to brighten dim-lit corners.

Bright and Bold

MyMiniGlass Vegan Type lets you experiment with color and make the daring choices of a professional designer with the added bonus of being able to change your mind at any time.

Interior Accessories

The vibrant colors of MyMiniGlass are an easy, colorful solution for accessorizing white walls and cold floors with a touch of originality.

Dare to be different

MyMiniGlass is easy to install, and its colors and textures are stunning enough to stand on their own, saving you money on furniture, art and accessories!

Make someone happy

Bring character and color to any room with MyMiniGlass.
Where art won’t do, or is simply too expensive to do right, MyMiniGlass makes a powerful statement. Use it in children’s bedrooms and you’ll never have to redecorate!

Do it yourself

MyMiniGlass lets you create those one-of-a-kind pieces you’ve been dreaming about. From closets and consoles, to original art and end tables, the only thing stopping you is your imagination.

Mix and match

Mix and match MyMiniGlass Daredevil to create unique, modern designs for any room in your home.
Transform an empty wall into an art gallery piece in no time. Light-reflecting glass creates depth and dimension for a high-end designer look.

Add artsy flair

With so many colors and textures to choose from, MyMiniGlass makes it easy to find inspiration.
Change looks whenever you want, and without ever learning how to draw or paint.

Imagine the possibilities

MyMiniGlass is the perfect way to bring light, privacy and creativity to small spaces.
Choose from seven Types and an assortment of colors for an original look that will increase the value of your home.

The only true black

Easy to clean and care for, recycled glass block is an eco-friendly choice and strong enough to stand up to your worst kitchen nightmares find out here now.
MyMiniGlass is friendly with wine, olive oil and anything else in your cupboard.

Become a minimalist

MyMiniGlass is the ideal solution for contemporary homes.
Symmetrical lines, hidden seams, and geometric patterns enhance a modern design aesthetic.

Create Living Space

MyMiniGlass lets you add living space to your open floor plan. Whether you want to create an intimate corner or find a way to separate your space without sacrificing light, MyMiniGlass is easy to install and provides an original solution.

Modernize your kitchen

Mix and match MyMiniGlass to express your creativity and originality. Symmetrical lines, hidden seams and contemporary colors bring a modern touch to interiors.
And with so many styles and colors to choose from, MyMiniGlass lets you truly make your space unique.

Lighten your work day

MyMiniGlass lets you easily construct a wall that captures the natural light from an adjacent room, filling your space with translucent light and soft, diffused color. Depending on your choice of glass, you can brighten a dark corner with subtle color or clear translucence, creating a space with evocative intensity.

Invite Nature indoors

Invite nature indoors with natural, organic color, and without the hassle of caring for plants.
Very Natural in Green adds a touch of nature to this sitting room.

The Art of illusion

Add light without sacrificing your privacy.
MyMiniGlass adds value to any room in your home. Use it anywhere you want to add light without sacrificing your privacy.

Live out loud

Bring your rooms to life with MyMiniGlass in Sophisticated.
Use MyMiniGlass to build a partition wall and make an artistic statement at the same time.

Keep your privacy

Use MyMiniGlass in place of curtains for a sophisticated, contemporary look.
MyMiniGlass solution allows to illuminate your space with natural light while keeping your privacy.

Make a Statement

MyMiniGlass is versatile enough to fit with any style and looks great with wood, marble and natural stone.
Find a wide range of styles, textures and colors that complement any décor and add light to your kitchen or bathroom.

Customize your space

Sophisticated in Blue creates the illusion of a window, adding light and color as calm as a crystalline sea.
MyMiniGlass lets you construct a room that is outside of normal dimensions, completely customizing your space according to your needs and aesthetic preferences.

A Color for every mood

The colors of MyMiniGlass let you create a mood for every room.
MyMiniGlass helps make your space more welcoming. Use it anywhere you want to add character and warmth to your home.

Decorate your life

Use MyMiniGlass to complement or create a predominant color scheme.
Ideal for bathrooms, MyMiniGlass is 100% recyclable, durable and easy to maintain.

Brighten your mornings

Try Classic Vanilla to complement soft whites and neutral tones.
For cooler whites, choose Arctic. Cherry and Apricot provide drama and warmth, while Blueberry and Mint evoke the waters of a calm, clear sea.

Crisp and Clean

Easily add privacy and light with the timeless look of MyMiniGlass.
Use MyMiniGlass to brighten your space with translucent light, soft color, and just enough privacy to keep your intimate moments out of focus.

Understated Elegance

Dramatic yet understated, The Classic Type in Vanilla provides deeper color in areas without natural light.
The iced-finished Classic Type lets you add privacy without sacrificing light.

Calm as the sea

The iced-finished Classic Type lets you add privacy without sacrificing light.
And since MyMiniGlass is the only glass block with colored bands, you can permeate your space with translucent light and soft, diffused color.

Classic: Lady in Red

The Classic Type in Cherry is an attractive, affordable solution for adding drama to this bathroom.
Use MyMiniGlass to enhance existing surfaces or to create contrast.

Icy Cool and Confident

Crisp, clear and contemporary, The Classic Type in Arctic adds timeless elegance to this bathroom.
The iced-finished Classic Type lets you add privacy without sacrificing light.

A class act

Try Classic Vanilla to complement soft whites and neutral tones.
For cooler whites, choose Arctic. Cherry and Apricot provide drama and warmth, while Blueberry and Mint evoke the waters of a calm, clear sea.