Fire Resistant


Fire-resistant glass block offers high thermal stability, protecting both vertical and horizontal structures and facades from smoke and fire. Options include 30-, 60-, or 90-minute flame and gas resistance (E); insulation to limit heat transmission (EI); and resistance to heat transmission under load (REI) in accordance with international standards.

Seves Glassblock submits the “fire resistant” glass blocks to strict quality controls which raise their mean resistance and enable the stability of the panel and its heat insulation quality to be verified over time.

The case
of Zlìn University

Lively colours and quality of light are the distinctive elements of the evocative project by Eva Jiřičná for the new University Centre in Zlín in the Czech Republic.
The building is structured around a covered central plaza delimited by two separate volumes, each composed of 4 storeys, with classrooms and facilities for the students and spaces for use by the teaching staff.
In this project, the need to respond to specific acoustic insulation requirements but above all to those of resistance to fire (obligatory requested by law in some public spaces) has been satisfied, while at the same time achieving the desired aesthetic effect, to endow the space with brightness, transparency and lightness.

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