Light Control


Designers now have complete control over light direction and diffusion with the possibility of of transmitting solar energy and natural light on a 40-80% scale. Intrinsic light guiding properties enable the illumination of light towards specific orientations, while diffusing properties minimize direct light in favor of homogenous, diffused effects.

The case of
Santo Volto di Gesù.

The parish complex of Santo Volto of Gesù (Rome) by Sartogo Architetti Associati is a building capable of melting the strong aesthetic aspect characteristic of contemporary architecture, with a mysterious and intimate atmosphere through the use of glass blocks and colour.
The load bearing structure of the building is made up of large concrete walls painted in strong colours and sections consisting entirely of personalized glass blocks, developed with the aim to create a structure made of unique characteristics. This new glass block was created with dual features: two different glass designs, smooth and bevelled, coupled together to provide soft, diffused light inside and guarantee privacy from the outside.

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