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For realizing horizontal projects such as roofs, bridges, walkways, underground applications, and any external space that requires additional light. Designed for safety, stability, aesthetic appeal, and luminosity, pavers and tiles are thermally insulated, mechanical and fire resistant, and able to handle higher loads.
Options include solar panels that power LED lights, and the Marseille roofing tile, designed for safety and maximum transparency.

Square and round glass block paver lets you maximize natural light where it is most needed and, at the same time, increase stability, mechanical resistance, and acoustic and thermal insulation in any horizontal structure.


Photovoltaic glass blocks offer increased performance capabilities thanks to the powerful internal lithium battery ( Li-Ion 3.7 V / 2600 mAh) and high-luminosity LED diodes (16400 – 21000 mcd).
The energy accumulated via the solar panel is stored in the high capacity battery and used to power the LEDs during the night, when the external luminosity drops below 30lux.
The glass blocks are activated by a tiny light sensor, and remain illuminated until the external luminosity reaches 60lux — or the battery power drops below 2.9v.

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