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Crisp, cool and contemporary for subtle light transmission and maximum privacy.


The Arctic glass block provides light-enhancing privacy and soft, diffused luminosity for a modern and minimal design aesthetic. Perfect for balancing light with privacy, the internal texture of Arctic gives it a frosted look that welcomes light, increases privacy, and creates an overall appearance of spaciousness and beauty.

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arctic glass block.


The surface of Arctic is sometimes described as a frosty-mug. Its mild obscurity ensures the maximum passage of light while providing a blur effect for increasing privacy. The always-elegant Arctic creates a dramatic focal point when used alone, but it can also be used in combination with other styles of glass block to add privacy and visual texturing.

combine shapes.

Create symmetrical, geometrical, or original compositions by mixing and matching different sized glass block, and square and rectangular shapes. Realize elegantly finished, angular or curved walls with end pieces made for highly customized projects and dimensions.

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