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Light and shape directing.


With Smooth glass block, designers can create nearly seamless environments with no interruptions or divisions on either side of the block. Indoors and outdoors become one, and viewers are left with a feeling of continuity, lightness, and space.
Full transparency and a smooth surface preserve light integrity, shape, and direction. By utilizing the natural light from adjacent rooms, darker spaces are immediately transformed into larger, brighter environments full of light and visual depth.

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Essential guide to
smooth glass block.

joint thickness: basic line and design line.

Use the Basic Line to purposely emphasize seaming for a more modular look.
The Design Line provides a bright, ‘all glass’ look that emits brightness and light in all environments.


The transparent surface of the Smooth glass block can be finished with a sand-blasted, satin or semisatin technique for managing light transmission and privacy levels.

combine shapes.

Create symmetrical, geometrical, or original compositions by mixing and matching different sized glass block, and square and rectangular shapes. Realize elegantly finished, angular or curved walls with end pieces made for highly customized projects and dimensions.


The exclusive metallisation of the edges fills a space with extraordinary brilliance and luminosity that can be likened to a minimalist style: a simple and bright glass wall thanks to the pureness of the smooth glass design.

an artist’s palette.

Tinted or hand-injected colour combines with light in a unique design element that can be used to create intriguing atmospheres and feeling states. The transparency of Smooth exalts colour and light in their purest form. Whether bold and bright, monochromatic, or pastel, colour can be adjusted along with the level of transparency. Colored glass block is used to add warmth or atmosphere, and generate chromatic and figurative arrangements with refined elegance

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