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The power of reflections.


The highly-reflective, undulated Wavy glass block plays upon the passage of light, maintaining privacy, and creating new geometries with light reflections. The special internal formation of the block filters rays of light, deforming their directions and changing their profiles into mysterious shadows and irregular shapes.

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Essential guide to
wave glass block.

joint thickness: basic line and design line.

Use the Basic Line in the Wavy design to purposely emphasize seaming for a more modular look, and light effects. The Design Line emphasizes the power of reflections: an ‘all glass’ look that minimizes the visual perception of joints.


Wavy glass block can be finished with a sand-blasted, satin or semi-satin technique for managing light transmission and privacy levels.

combine shapes.

Create symmetrical, geometrical, or original compositions by mixing and matching different sizes of Wavy glass block, as well as square and rectangular shapes. Realize elegantly finished, angular or curved walls with perfectly fitted end pieces made for highly customized projects and dimensions.


The exclusive metallisation of glass block edges fills a space with extraordinary radiance and light reflections thanks to the undulated surface of the Wavy glass design.
Metallisation reduces the perception of gaps between the blocks, rendering the surface more brilliant and dynamic.

Design with colour.

Establish a mood with subtle or striking colour in a wide range of tinted or hand-injected glass developed specifically for the Wavy glass block. The chromatic palette ranges from airy pastels to bright and brilliant tones.

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