The Magic of Tailor Made
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The Magic of Tailor Made

Fully customized glass block defines
the look and feel of high-concept designs

In collaboration with some of the world’s most celebrated architects, including Renzo Piano and Rafael Moneo, Seves Glassblock has created highly original glass block designs tailor made for contemporary, large-scale architectural projects.
Visual texturing lets architects create a harmonious design aesthetic, control the direction and intensity of light, work with color, and utilize glass designs to add character and originality to interior and exterior spaces.

How it works?


Glass block can be customized according to its shape, including its mass and three dimensionality.

The Case of Maison Hermès


Custom glass block transcends standard dimensions and transforms static walls into dynamic, fluid surfaces.

Beck's Logistic Center Project


Tinted, injected, or hand-made colored glass block establishes a mood and brings concepts to life.

The Case of Deusto Library

Glass Design

Subtle or provocative glass designs offer complete transparency, reflections, or intriguing shapes of light.

Buddha Lecture Room Project


Glass block finishing produces interesting optical effects that can be seen on the surface itself as well as the treatment of edges.

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Modular glass block presents infinite
compositional possibilities.

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Joint Colour and Size

Joints can be customized according to size and color
for increased flexibility.

WOW Architecture Stories:
Maison Hermès
Tiberio’s Bath
IULM University
Deusto Library