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Big formats, glass blocks for horizontal structure, classic formats with high performance capabilities: thanks to the state-of-art technology, the Technology Line provides original solutions to innovative concepts and modern design projects. 

Solutions suggested for
Building and Architecture

Classic formats with
high performance capabilities

A vast range of products with high performance capabilities: elevate creativity by catering to the most challenging project needs.

Able to resist flame, seal off gas and vapours, and limit heat transmission under load.

Limits the effects of background noise on people and spaces.

Protects against high-caliber firearms.

More control over light direction, diffusion and transmittance.

The highest level of resistance to heat transmission to conserve energy and control surface temperature.

Other Formats
and Thicknesses

A variety of formats and thicknesses to increase flexibility and versatility with wall compositions.

Build highly original compositions by mixing larger and smaller sized glass block, created to respond to every architectural needs, from great facades to lighter and thinner walls.

Transparency and fewer seams for facades full of light.

Ideal for lighter-weight and aesthetically pleasing walls, thinner than standards.

Pavers and

A wide variety of solutions for horizontal projects such as roofs, bridges, walkways, underground applications and any external space that requires additional light.

F series performance blocks combining functionality and design.

A vast range designed for safety, stability, aesthetic appeal, and luminosity.

Designed to add style, character and originality to horizontal applications.

A energy efficient glass pavers with solar powered illumination capabilities.

Elegant and functional alternatives to traditional materials.

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Gallery and Inspiration

Visit Smart Architecture Gallery and Inspiration

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Project by Ing. Arch. Eva Jiřičná.

Bolzano Shopping Center

Project by Claudio Lucchin.

Santo Volto di Gesù

Project by Sartogo Architects & Associates.

Josè Alvalade Stadium

Project by Tomas Taveira.

Amsterdam Stock Exchange

Project by F.G. Hilgeman & De Steltenberg Group B.V.

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