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Exclusive Glass Blocks

In collaboration with some of the most famous architects in the world, including Renzo Piano and Rafael Moneo, Seves Glassblock has created original and unique tailor made glass blocks, to clad some of the most important structures of contemporary architecture.
Exclusive glass blocks – thanks to an extremely flexible and unique production process – helps designers´ and architects´ creativity and needs.


Light-reflecting, metallized profiles and an exceptionally bright and dynamic surface: designed by Renzo Piano, ideal for exteriors with large facades and elegant interiors.


The 30x30cm Trapezoidal block has been designed by Moneo and Brock with a special and brand new section obtained by inclining the two parallel faces of the block by 5 degrees.


Inspired by the ancient Greek columns and created by Rafael Moneo, this three-dimensional glass block collection combines classic and modern styles.

Gallery and Inspiration for Exclusive Glass Block.

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Fuori Salone

Installation at the Fuori Salone

Welcome Glassblock on Air

Artistic Installation

Take a look to the featured projects made in collaboration with some of the most famous architects in the world.

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