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Solid Glass:
Vistabrik & Vetropieno

Pure and solid glass block offers design possibilities limited only by an architect’s imagination and vision. The Vistabrik glass block increases the amount of natural daylight while providing security. The Vetropieno Line offers three colours to add atmosphere to interiors.


Bullet resistant and time-tested solid glass blocks: the best in safety and aesthetic with structural integrity. A reliable and elegant choice for residential and commercial applications.


Create dramatic interior walls or partitions that maximize the passage of light from room to room, or as a subtle design accents that add a touch of style, character and colour.

“Plus” Options Legenda:

Self Cleaning
Self Cleaning
New self-cleaning technology reduces cleaning and maintenance costs.
Solar Reflecting
Solar Reflecting
Solar-reflecting glass block is made with protective cover films for applications to reduce overheating.
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