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Fire-resistant glass blocks: certified safety for projects with high technical performance

Seves Glassblock offers original solutions for innovative concepts
and modern design projects that combine style, safety and resistance.

Fire Resistant glass blocks by Seves Glassblock combine style and safety: an innovative solution for all those projects that require high technical performance and need to comply with current regulations and safety standards.

Fire-resistant glass blocks offer high thermal stability, protecting vertical and horizontal structures and facades from smoke and fire.

The Technology Line includes glass blocks whose resistance to gas and flame can reach 30, 60, or 90 minutes. These glass blocks comply with the European EN357 and DIN 4102-3 standards.

Today the Technology Line offers a new cutting-edge solution thanks to the new Fire Resistant EI 120. The EI 120 fire-resistant glas sblock is ideal for vertical structures and can guarantee 120 minutes of useful time for securing objects and people, an increase of 30%.

Seves Glassblock submits the “fire resistant” glass blocks to strict quality controls which raise their mean resistance and enable the stability of the panel and its heat insulation quality to be verified over time.

Due to their specific performance, they are used in buildings destined for public use like hotels, schools, nursing homes, restaurants, cinemas, etc, where people’s security and in buildings where the safety of people is essential to structural stability.

Key benefits of EI120

  • 40% reduced weight, that improves the handling of the product in the installation phase.
  • Higher mechanical resistance from the action of flames, the propagation of fire, smoke and heat.
  • Thickness reduced to 13 cm so a minor load on buildings and less encumbrance on the surface where it is applied.
  • 30% increase for the useful time available for securing objects and people.
  • 80% more light transmission than EI 90, with significant energy savings in terms of lighting for the environment where it is used.

Seves Glassblock sottopone i mattoni “resistenti al fuoco” a severi controlli di qualità che consentono una verifica nel tempo della stabilità del pannello e del suo isolamento termico.
Il loro utilizzo è consigliato nelle costruzioni di uso pubblico come alberghi, scuole, ristoranti e cinema dove la sicurezza delle persone è imprescindibile dalla stabilità strutturale.

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