Self Cleaning
Solar Reflecting
Product line: Technology
Dimensions: 39,5x23 cm

The Marseille Tile is indicated in situations when you wish to allow the passage of light through a roof covering.

Its total or partial application , on one hand meets technical and functional requirements, i.e. the passage of light, and on the other it enables you to decorate the environment according to aesthetic taste, obtaining effects of transparency and luminosity even with roof tiling .

The Interlocking tile is available with a transparent finishing.

Dimensions: 39,5x23 cm
Weight 3,15 Kg
N. Pieces/m2: 15 pcs./m²
N. Pieces/Box: 6
N. Pieces/Pallet: 144
Weight m2: ∼0,45 Kg/m²

Self Cleaning and Solar Reflecting technologies add value to architectural projects due to their high performance characteristics and sustainable building design.
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