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Berillo Q19 Smooth Metallised

Seves Glassblock’s design acquires a new elegant and winning line of hand-made products: the Mendini Collection.

In the 1990s, Seves Glassblock was the very first company to introduce colour in glass blocks, thereby paving the way for new applications. Ten years later, Seves Glassblock asked Atelier Mendini, an eclectically creative company, to develop the use of colour in glass blocks even further. This is how the "Mendini Collection" has come into being. This is a new range of glass blocks inspired by nature and conceived to introduce new visual nuances and sensations in contemporary home interiors.

There are 16 colours in this range, from the boldest and sharpest ones to black and white, both in different degrees of transparency. And these vibrant colours, manufactured thanks to the "Pegasus" winged glass block technology (19x19x8cm), smooth glass design and metallised finishing, shape a new generation of building elements for interiors. The handmade "Mendini Collection" blocks are coloured using refined manufacturing technologies that keep the purity of colours over time.

According to its creators, the "Mendini Collection", with its shiny and youthful colours, has been designed to enable glass blocks to generate chromatic and figurative arrangements suited for elegant and refined combinations:

"The colour alphabet of the Mendini Collection gives individually chosen colours, and their relationships and variations, the possibility to create endless chessboards of variants, from single colours up to kaleidoscopic effects. So far, sensuality, conceptuality, symbolism, hedonism and emotions are parameters that have been missing from the geometric language of glass blocks.

This collection opens up new poetic horizons that architects have not been taken into account so far. However, they are now available and they are truly fascinating. New sparkling presences like sapphires, topazes, amber and ruby. And it is because of this rich appeal of nature that each colour in this new collection has been given the expressive name of a precious stone."

Alessandro and Francesco Mendini

The Mendini Collection recommended only for interior applications and storage at temperature higher than 0°C/32°F.

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Colour:AmbraAgataAmetistaBlack 30%Black 100%CoralloGiadaMalachiteRubinoTopazioTormalinaWhite 30%White 100%ZaffiroCitrino
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Self Cleaning
Self Cleaning
New self-cleaning technology reduces cleaning and maintenance costs.
Technical Data
19x19x8 cm
2,2 Kg
N. Pieces/m
5 pcs./m
N. Pieces/Box
N. Pieces/Pallet
Seves Glassblock does not take any responsibility for handling of product´s waste after delivery to final destination.
Non-usable glass blocks and/or waste originated from glass blocks should be handled or recycled according to regulation of appropriate local authority.
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Mendini Collection is the ideal solutions to create impressive interior walls, full of personality and colour.
A new generation of building elements for interiors: the Mendini Collection in 16 colours, from the boldest one to black and white, both in different degrees of transparency, has been designed to enable glass blocks to generate chromatic and figurative arrangements.

Using refined manufacturing technologies that maintain the purity of colours over time, inside-injected coloured glass block was designed with internal solutions in mind.