BG R19/10 Sahara 2s

Product line: Technology
Dimensions: diam. 19X10 cm

Orbis BG R19/10 is a circular glass block paver that combines design and functionality to meet different building requirements.

From complex urban structures to simple interiors, its unique shape makes it the ideal solution for adding style, character and originality to residential and commercial applications: floors, sidewalks, skywalks, underground spaces, pedestrian bridges and courtyards.

With Orbis BG R19/10, you can maximize natural light where it is most needed, and at the same time, increase stability, mechanical resistance as well as acoustic and thermal insulation in any horizontal structure.

Orbis BG R19/10 is available in two sizes, Ø 19x10cm and Ø 19x5cm (half-shell format), in the smooth glass design with a sandblasted finish on one or both sides.

Dimensions: diam. 19X10 cm
Weight 2,90 Kg
N. Pieces/m2: 20 pcs./m²
N. Pieces/Box: 4
N. Pieces/Pallet: 240
Declaration of performance
Seves Glassblock does not take any responsibility for handling of product´s waste after delivery to final destination.
Non-usable glass blocks and/or waste originated from glass blocks should be handled or recycled according to regulation of appropriate local authority.
Available Finishings:Transparentone side Satin finished
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