Design / Imperial Size 4 / 884 Nubio Sahara 2S

Nubio Sahara 2S

Intersecting random wave pattern, provides an attractive appearance and excellent privacy. Smooth exterior surface for easy cleaning. Matching designers shapes provide beauty and flexibility to create angles, curves or free standing glass block panels.

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Technical Data
19,7 x 19,7 x 9,8 cm
7-3/4" x 7-3/4" x 3-7/8" in
2,70 Kg
5.8 lbs.
N. Pieces/m2
23 pcs./m²
2.2 pcs./ft²
N. Pieces/Box
N. Pieces/Pallet
Seves Glassblock does not take any responsibility for handling of product´s waste after delivery to final destination.
Non-usable glass blocks and/or waste originated from glass blocks should be handled or recycled according to regulation of appropriate local authority.
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Imperial Size 4": More Glass Design in a wide variety of formats and thicknesses.
Square and rectangular formats in a variety of thicknesses and designs ensure that even the most challenging projects are aesthetically pleasing.
Realize vertical structures that are lighter, thinner, more structurally stable, and solid. Create angles, curves, or finished jambs and/ or heads.