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Clear Q33 Smooth Metallised

The glass block has now joined the elite of materials that are the main characters of the most significant architectural works of our time such as the Hermès Building in the Ginza district in the heart of Tokyo.

A transparent monolith, the building has been built using a totally innovative type of glass block, the Q42. This is the largest glass block in the world and is the result of our collaboration with one of the most prestigious architects of our days: Renzo Piano.

The CURVE 24 block, which was created to finish off the corners of this building, has a linear internal face that matches the external curved face. The Q33 block offers the same strong aesthetic impact in terms of mass and volume of glass that have been spectacularly achieved with the Q42 block but on a smaller scale.

Ginza comes from "Gin", Japanese for silver. And the Q42, CURVE 24 and Q33 blocks derive their lightness and brightness from the silver reflections that have been achieved with a new and exclusive metallisation process of the lateral profile.

These are large glass blocks ideal for exteriors and large façades and as elegant furnishing solutions for interiors. Owing to their "wings", whose depth is 25mm, the large Ginza blocks like the standard 19x19 Pegasus blocks can be assembled leaving as little space between blocks as possible to hide supporting elements altogether. Therefore, full glass walls can be created where the "glass mass" becomes the

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Finishings:Transparenttwo sides satin finished or sand blasted
Technical Data
33x33x12 cm
9,2 Kg
N. Pieces/m2
9 pcs./m²
N. Pieces/Box
N. Pieces/Pallet
Seves Glassblock does not take any responsibility for handling of product´s waste after delivery to final destination.
Non-usable glass blocks and/or waste originated from glass blocks should be handled or recycled according to regulation of appropriate local authority.
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Ginza exclusive glass blocks – thanks to an extremely flexible and unique production process – helps designers' and architects' creativity and needs.
The world’s largest glass block at 42,8x42,8 cm, Ginza is inspired by Gin, the Japanese word for silver.The intrinsic brilliance of the Ginza block is due to its light-reflecting, metallized lateral profiles. The surface effect is exceptionally bright, fluid, and dynamic.
Ideal for exteriors with large facades, and as an elegant interior solution.

Designed by Renzo Piano.